Sushi Roll San Diego

Nueva sucursal en Chula Vista, San Diego.

A new destination for SushiLovers has arrived in Chula Vista, San Diego.

Sushi Roll San Diego

Hello San Diego!

A new destination for SushiLovers has arrived in Chula Vista, San Diego. The latest addition to the local dining scene, opened its doors this week to welcome guests with a delightful array of sushi creations and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Located on Chula Vista, Sushi Roll is set to become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The restaurant features a contemporary design, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic that reflects its focus on fresh ingredients and authentic flavors.

The Sushi Roll’s menu offers a wide variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri, as well as a selection of traditional Japanese appetizers. Signature dishes include the "Dragon Roll," a visually stunning roll with eel and avocado, and the "Spicy Tuna Roll," which mixes fresh tuna with a crispy topping for added texture. Guests can also enjoy a selection of beers, sake, and creative cocktails to complement their meal.

Sushi Roll is dedicated to providing high-quality sushi at affordable prices, making it an accessible option for both, sushi enthusiasts and newcomers. The restaurant's commitment to sustainability is reflected in its sourcing practices, with a focus on using responsibly caught fish and environmentally friendly materials.


In addition to its excellent food and drinks, Sushi Roll offers a warm and welcoming environment. The staff is known for their friendly service and willingness to accommodate special requests, making it an ideal spot for family dinners, casual lunches, dates and celebratory gatherings.

Sushi Roll is open seven days a week, with lunch and dinner service.

Whether you're a sushi fan or simply looking to try something new, Sushi Roll in Chula Vista is a must-visit destination. Stop by and experience the best of Japanese cuisine in a vibrant and friendly setting.




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Te regalamos 100 MXN en tu primer pedido.

Te regalamos 100 MXN en tu primer pedido.